AVT Manta G-201B

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  • 1/1.8 in. format
  • C-Mount
  • 1624 x 1234
  • 14 fps
  • Monochrome
  • CCD Progressive Scan
  • GigE Vision

Last Time Buy: 08/31/2024

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  • Last Time Buy: 08/31/2024

The Manta G-201B is a low cost GigE Vision camera with a Sony ICX274 sensor. It runs at 14 fps (full resolution). With a smaller ROI, higher frame rates are possible.  It incorporates three LUTs and a robust metal housing.

  • Sony ICX274 (type 1/1.8), 2 Megapixels
  • Synch modes
  • Trigger ready, trigger input, exposing, readout, imaging, strobe, GPO trigger
  • External trigger event: rising/falling/any edge, level high/low
  • External trigger delay: 0 to 60 seconds in 1 µs increments

Interface:GigE Vision
Format:1/1.8 in.
Lens Mount:C-Mount
Mega Pixels:2
Resolution:1624 x 1234
Sensor Type:CCD Progressive Scan
Pixel Pitch (μm):4.4 X 4.4
L x W x H (mm):86.4 X 44 X 29
Temp. Range:5 to 45 °C
Auto Iris:Video
Quantum Efficiency:48.00%
Dark Noise (eˉ):8.90
Saturation Capacity (keˉ):6.90
Dynamic Range (dB):57.30