Matrox CONP4

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  • GigE Vision
  • PCIe framegrabber
  • 4 camera inputs
  • RJ45 connectors
  • Partially licensed for Design Assistant and MIL

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Matrox® Concord PoE is a new generation of Gigabit Ethernet adaptors for interfacing one or more GigE Vision® cameras supporting Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Available with two or four Gigabit Ethernet ports, these network interface cards (NICs) simplify system configuration, not only by handling command and streaming protocols but also providing power over a single standard Cat 5e/6 cable per camera connection. An isolated PoE implementation protects cameras, board, and host computer from damage due to electrical faults and stray current that adversely affects camera detection.

Matrox Concord PoE also provides—as an option—a useful Trigger-over-Ethernet (ToE) capability for multiple cameras working together. The hardware-assisted ToE capability allows the sending of a software trigger or an action-command to one or more cameras based on an external input event. The ToE applies to camera(s) on the same or multiple Ethernet ports for a given trigger event. Moreover, this ToE feature helps reduce trigger latency and remove jitter brought on by a non-deterministic host environment.

Partially licensed for Design Assistant and MIL.

Interface:GigE Vision POE
Camera Inputs:4
Camera Buses:4
Supplied Power:15.4 W
Host Interface:X4 PCIe
Connector Type:RJ45, RJ45-hsl
Reconfigurable I O:No

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