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  • GigE Vision POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • x8, x16 PCIe compatible
  • 4 independent GigE ports
  • Up to 1GB per second transfer rate

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It is a four-port copper cable Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express x4 Ethernet frame grabber card independently developed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd. based on the Intel I350 chip solution. It is also compatible with PCIe x8. , X16 channels. This server adapter card design is mainly designed for industrial field vision inspection servers and equipment, vision field clients, fast-moving Ethernet data transmission equipment, etc., and also suitable for ordinary servers.
This adapter card has integrated hardware acceleration capabilities and can perform TCP / UDP / IP checksum offload and TCP segmentation tasks.

The host processing technology can offload the accelerator, and the host processing technology can offload the accelerator, freeing up CPU resources to free up more CPU resources to process other applications. This adapter card is the ideal solution for deploying multiple networks and deploying critical network applications and environments on high-performance servers.

LRES2011PT-POE was developed on an Intel I350-based integrated four-port Ethernet MAC + PHY (Media Access Controller and Physical Interface Transceiver) controller, which allows up to four simultaneous gigabit Ethernet connections The port works in full-duplex mode to adapt to high-performance network communications. It can expand bandwidth through link aggregation and save PCI Express channel resources without occupying bus bandwidth.LRES2004PT-POE


Interface:GigE Vision POE
Camera Inputs:4
Camera Buses:4
Supplied Power:15.4 W
Host Interface:X4 PCIe
Connector Type:RJ45
Reconfigurable I O:No