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About Graftek Imaging Inc.®

Founded in 1984, Graftek’s first image analysis software, Ultimage, was introduced in 1988 on the Macintosh II. Because it was evident that the seamless integration of image acquisition and processing with analog data acquisition and control was essential, Graftek decided in 1989 to merge its technology with the leading product for virtual instrumentation, National Instruments’ LabVIEW.

In 1990, Graftek announced the first graphical programming tools for image acquisition and analysis, Concept V.i.. With the Concept V.i. library, comprising over 400 functions for image acquisition and analysis, LabVIEW became a leading environment for designing Vision applications, in laboratories as well as on factory floors.

In August 1996, Graftek France and National Instruments, Inc. based in Austin, Texas signed an agreement in which National Instruments acquired Graftek’s Concept V.i., Concept V.i. became IMAQ Vision, complementing both National Instruments’ family of PCI and PXI image acquisition boards.

Recently, National Instruments acquired Graftek’s ViTA, an advanced image processing library and VisionExplorer, an easy to use software for image acquisition and analysis. ViTA is now incorporated into National Instruments’ IMAQ Vision, and VisionExplorer served as the starting point for National Instruments’ IMAQ Vision Builder.

Today, Graftek Imaging Inc.® is a National Instruments Alliance Member. Our offices in Austin, Texas assist customers by helping them choose the right Vision products to meet their goals. At the same time, Graftek continues to be a leading innovator in machine vision, providing software and hardware solutions for science and industry, such as VisionStream for sustained image acquisition and MA Studio for motion analysis.