Basler 2000027038

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  • CAT6¬†GigE Cable
  • RJ-45, horizontal screw-lock to RJ-45
  • Click Lock
  • Dragchain and Robotics Qualified
  • 5m


Basler 2000027038

CAT6 GigE cable for data transmission at lengths of 5 meters. The cable is suitable for drag chain applications.

The twisted GigE cable is used for data transmission and comes outfitted with two RJ45 plugs, one with horizontal screw-downs. The cable is suitable for use in drag chains and is available in 5 meter variants.

Connector Type:RJ45-hsl
Description:Cable GigE, CAT6, screwlock, horizontal os, hf, dragchain and robotic qualified, 5m
Length:5 m
Product Type:Data Cable