• Bandpass

    • Bandpass filters restrict the camera's view to a small region of the spectrum.
    • Enhance contrast by suppressing unwanted wavelengths of light.
    • Use in combination with a monochromatic LED illuminator of matching wavelength to mitigate ambient illumination.
  • Dual Bandpass

    • These filters pass the visible spectrum and a portion of the NIR spectrum.
    • The NIR passed matches the wavelength of common NIR LEDs.
      • Visible & 820 to 880 nm
      • Visible & 910 to 970 nm
  • Longpass

    • Longpass filters prevent the camera from viewing a wavelength less than its specified value.
    • The LP830 is recommended for general NIR viewing.
  • Linear Polarizer

    • A polarizing filter for the camera combined with a polarized light source is an effective solution for imaging specular components.
  • Neutral Density

    • Neutral Density filters act like a welder's mask or a pair of sunglasses for the camera, allowing the camera to view very bright objects without being blinded.
  • Shortpass / NIR Cut

    • Increase contrast
    • Pass a broad spectrum of shorter wavelengths
    • Blocks NIR light for natural color rendering
    • Blocks IR saturation
    • Can be used with longpass filters to create a custom bandpass filter
  • Protective and Acrylic

    • Lens, filter, and sensor protection from dust
    • Available with anti-reflective coating
    • Blocks a portion of the UV spectrum