AVT Prosilica GT1930C

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  • 1/1.2 in. format
  • C-Mount
  • 1936 x 1216
  • 50.7 fps
  • Color
  • CMOS Global Shutter
  • GigE Vision POE

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The Prosilica GT1930C is a 2.4 Megapixel camera with a GigE Vision Gigabit Ethernet interface. This camera incorporates the high quality Sony IMX174 Exmor CMOS sensor with Pregius global shutter technology providing excellent monochrome and color image quality. It is a rugged camera designed to operate in extreme environments.

This camera offers Precise iris lens control allowing user to fix the aperture size to optimize depth of field, exposure, and gain without the need for additional control elements.



Interface:GigE Vision POE
Format:1/1.2 in.
Lens Mount:C-Mount
Mega Pixels:2.4
Resolution:1936 x 1216
Sensor Type:CMOS Global Shutter
Pixel Pitch (μm):5.86 X 5.86
L x W x H (mm):86 X 53 X 33
Temp. Range:-20 to 65 °C
Auto Iris:P-Iris
Quantum Efficiency:70.00%
Dark Noise (eˉ):3.30
Saturation Capacity (keˉ):32.80
Dynamic Range (dB):77.20