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  • A500 EST (EBT) Screening Camera
  • +/-0.3°C (+/- 0.5°F) Screening Accuracy
  • 17 mm lens T300240
  • 24° X 18° angle of view
  • 464 x 348
  • 30 fps
  • Long Wave Infrared

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/-0.3°C ( /- 0.5°F) Screening Accuracy

FLIR A500-EST and A700-EST thermal cameras are non-contact screening tools that serve as a first line of defense against potential health risks. These FLIR ESTTM thermal screening solutions detect and visualize heat to quickly identify individuals with an elevated skin temperature. With on-camera FLIR Screen-ESTTM Mode, the A500/A700-EST cameras can be deployed as a single, standalone screening station or in a network. Compatibility with industry standards such as Modbus TCP, MQTT, RESTful API for data transfer and RTSP for video makes third-party integration easy. The cameras can be connected to most Video Management Systems and are compatible with FLIR Screen-ESTTM Desktop software.


  • Begin screening quickly with limited ramp-up time and simple connections
  • Integrated web browser with intuitive interface for simple camera set-up
  • Standard Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, and Power over Ethernet for single-cable installation
  • Integrates easily into web services with RESTful API over XML or JSON, while ONVIF compliance accommodates standard security VMS and NVR solutions
  • Multiple case mounting points to support tripod or permanent fixture installations


  • Performance hardware, smart analytics, and reliable calibration optimize the screening process
  • On-camera FLIR Screen-EST Mode offers visual pass/fail graphic indicators and audible* alarms, enabling rapid decision-making
  • Compatible with FLIR Screen-EST Desktop software, with automatic detection and measurement on faces for faster screening throughput
  • Calibration with ambient drift compensation allows accurate screening without a reference
  • Support for external blackbody compensation

*Via web interface


  • FLIR screening solutions are non-contact, safe, and effective
  • On-camera FLIR Screen-EST Mode does not automatically store or record images or personal information
  • Thermal imagery displays heat, not identifying facial features
  • Thermal temperature measurement does not require personal contact and allows for social distancing in screening setups

Add FLIR EST™ Desktop Software PN T300342

FLIR Screen-EST™ Desktop is a computer screening software for FLIR T-Series, Exx-Series, and Axxx-Series thermal imaging cameras. The software deploys automatic measurement tools such as face detection and automatic average sampling to shorten screening times for individuals to two seconds. Fast screening performance makes FLIR Screen-EST Desktop the preferred solution for screening application at entries, checkpoints, and other high-traffic areas while maintaining recommended social distancing guidelines.

Interface:Ethernet IP POE
Resolution:464 x 348
Focal Length:17 mm
Angle of View:24° x 18°
M.O.D.:500 mm
Spectral Range:7.5 to 13.0 µm
Pixel Pitch (μm):17 X 17
L x W x H (mm):123 X 77 X 77
Weight G:820
Connector Type:M12 8-pin X-coded

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