FLIR T300342

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  • FLIR Screen-EST Perpetual License

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FLIR T300342 FLIR Screen-EST Perpetual License for use with A400, A500 and A700 Advanced Configuration cameras, requires PC to run application.

  • Desktop run software needs a computer running at all times (one camera per computer).
  • Facial recognition to determine when to read face temperature (no eye-canthus detection) reads temperatures on the entire face and identifies the hot spot to the user
  • Let’s the individual being screened know if they need to step closer, remove apparel, or if they pass or fail the test.
  • Alarms on a temperature deviation from population average. Has it’s own automatic running average (collects temperature data to store when it recognizes a face and the face is between the temperature bounds set (for example 90-105F).

Note: A500-EST and A700-EST include the Advanced Configuration.

Description:FLIR Screen-EST Perpetual License

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