Machine Vision Solutions for Any Application
Big or small, whatever the application, Graftek Imaging can deliver Zebra and Matrox Imaging machine vision solutions that help you reach the next level of accuracy and quality control.

Simplify Automated Data Capture and Inspection

Zebra fixed industrial scanning and machine vision solutions prove that automation doesn’t have to be complicated. A complete portfolio of fixed scanners and machine vison cameras is unified under a single software platform—Zebra Aurora—to streamline deployment and make it easy to access even the most advanced imaging features.

A Single, Unified Platform

Streamline fixed scanning and machine vision applications.

Easy to Use

Get up to speed quickly and spend less time on training.


Zebra’s exclusive imaging tools enable you to tackle any application.


Scale up as needed and upgrade with a simple software license

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Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanning:
High-Performance Track and Trace

Accelerate workflows and maximize visibility with fixed industrial scanners that deliver Zebra’s trusted decode performance to enable automatic tracking of products, parts, or packages as they move through manufacturing and distribution.

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Zebra Machine Vision: Power Excellence in Inspections

Streamline and automate quality inspections with easy-to-master machine vision cameras and software that make it easy to ensure the quality of every part, assembly, or product.

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Matrox Imaging Machine Vision: Advanced Solutions

Expand your machine vision capabilities with platform-independent software, smart cameras, 3D sensors, vision controllers, input/output (I/O) cards, and frame grabbers. Matrox Imaging advanced solutions capture, inspect, assess, and record data from industrial vision systems in factory automation, electronics and pharmaceutical packaging, semiconductor inspection, and more.

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Zebra Aurora™ Vision: Intuitive Software for Industrial Image Analysis

Adaptive Vision is now Zebra Aurora Vision, the expanded suite of graphical OEM software tools that enable users to easily create custom machine vision applications that provide greater visibility into the status and condition of goods and assets.

Aurora™ Vision Studio


Aimed at machine and computer vision engineers, Aurora Vision Studio software enables users to quickly create, integrate, and monitor powerful machine vision applications without the need to write a single line of code.

Aurora™ Vision Library


Designed for experienced programmers proficient in vision applications, Aurora Vision Library provides the same sophisticated functionality as Aurora Vision Studio but presented in programming language.

Aurora™ Deep Learning


This add-on to Aurora Vision Studio and Aurora Vision Library includes industrial-quality deep learning tools that can be used to solve problems that are too complex for traditional machine vision algorithms.

Graftek Imaging: 25 Years of Imaging Expertise

As a certified Zebra Partner, Graftek Imaging can supply you with everything you need for your complete machine vision solution, including lighting optimized to an application, quality optical components, image acquisition hardware, and image analysis software.

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Automatically Capture and Recognize Text

Zebra’s Aurora software, with Deep-Learning Optical Character Recognition (OCR), automatically extracts text and information from images without font or text training.

No Text or Font Training

Get reliable and accurate reads without training.

OCR for the Toughest Jobs

Read low-contrast characters against confusing backgrounds.

Amazingly Simple

Extract info as easily as drawing a box around an image.

Deep-Learning Automation

Let the software do the work with drag-and-drop simplicity.

This deep-learning tool provides reliable and accurate reads, even when working with low-contrast characters or confusing backgrounds. It’s as simple as drawing a box around an image and letting the software do the rest, with easy settings and adjustments you can apply with drag-and-drop simplicity.