Zebra Zebra Aurora Library 5.3 Professional

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  • Machine vision library for C++ and .NET programmers
  • Image Processing
  • Among the fastest in the world
  • Modern design
  • Simplicity and consistency

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Aurora Vision Library 5.3 Professional

Zebra Aurora™ Vision Library is a machine vision library for C++ and .NET programmers. It gives you instant access to the highest quality, well-optimized and field-tested code that you need for your machine vision projects.

Create Bespoke Imaging Applications and User Interfaces Zebra Aurora™ Vision Library provides a comprehensive set of functions for creating industrial image analysis applications – everything from standard-based image acquisition interfaces and low-level image processing routines to
ready-made tools, such as template matching, measurements, or barcode readers.

Designed for use by experienced programmers, it provides the same sophisticated functionality as our Aurora™ Vision Studio software, but presented in programming language, rather than via a graphical user interface. This makes it possible to prototype algorithms quickly in a graphical environment and then translate them to C++ or .NET, or even generate the C++ code automatically.

We recognize that many programmers who are highly proficient in vision applications and programming languages prefer to be able to build their own completely customized code and integrations – so Aurora™ Vision Library allows them to do just that. As the ‘engine’ that powers our Aurora™
Vision Studio software, it enables programmers to benefit from complete control over custom programming, so they can create an imaging application and bespoke user interface from scratch.

In Aurora Vision Library careful design of algorithms goes hand in hand with extensive hardware optimizations, results in performance that puts the library among the fastest in the world. Our implementations make use of SSE/AVX/NEON instructions and parallel computations on multicore processors.

Modern Design
All types of data feature automatic memory management, errors are handled explicitly with exceptions and optional types are used for type-safe special values. All functions are thread-safe and use data parallelism internally, when possible.

Simplicity & Consistency
The library is simple collection of types and functions, provided as a single DLL/SO file with appropriate headers. For maximum readability,
functions follow consistent naming convention (e.g. SmoothImage, RotateVector). All results are returned via reference output parameters
so that many outputs are always possible.

Totally Customizable 
Like its graphical-based sister Studio product, our Aurora™ Vision Library software has been tried, tested, and fine-tuned by machine vision experts for nearly 15 years. As a result, it’s optimized for use by expert programmers who are looking for total control over the fully customized vision application they design.

Save time on code writing
Customers who install both Aurora™ Vision Library and Aurora™ Vision Studio can save time on code writing by instead using the graphical environment of Studio to quickly create or prototype their machine vision applications. Aurora™ Vision Studio’s C++ code generator then allows the user to swiftly incorporate their solution into programming projects.

Comprehensive application functionality
Aurora™ Vision Library offers over 1,000 functions for image analysis applications – from basic barcode reading to remote camera calibration, 3D
measurement, and more. If programmers also install Aurora™ Vision Studio, they can use that software to quickly generate C++ code automatically or create .NET microfilter interfaces.

Description:Image Processing
Notes:Perpetual License, Requires USB License Dongle UL-41000-00
Product Type:Development License