Zebra Zebra Aurora Studio 5.3 Professional

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  • Drag and drop
  • Image Acquisition
  • Image Processing
  • HMI Designer
  • 1000 Effective Filters
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Loops and Conditions

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Aurora Vision Studio 5.3 Professional

Aurora Vision Studio software is a powerful graphical environment for machine vision engineers.  It is based on dataflow and comes with comprehensive set of powerful, ready-for-use image analysis filters.  Its unique strength lies in its focus on professional users – it allows you to create typical applications easily, but at the same time makes it possible to efficiently develop highly customized and large-scale projects.

Drag and drop

All programming is done by choosing filters and connecting them with each other.  You can focus all your attention on computer vision.

You can see everything

Inspection results are visualized on multiple configurable data previews; and when a parameter in the program is changed, you can see the previews updated in real time.

HMI Designer + Events

You can easily create custom graphical user interfaces and thus build the entire machine vision application using a single software package.

1000+ effective filters

There are over 1000 ready-for-use machine vision filters tested and improved in hundreds of applications.  They have many advanced capabilities such as outlier suppression, subpixel precision or any-shape region of interest.

Hardware acceleration

The filters are aggressively optimized for the SSE/AVX/NEON technologies and for multicore processors.  Our implementations are ones of the fastest in the world.

Loops and conditions

The interface is easy to start, but it also includes advanced data-flow constructs: loop, conditions, subprograms (macrofilters), global parameters and even threads.  Everything based on graphical programming concepts.

GigE Vision and GenTL

Adaptive Vision Studio is a GigE Vision compliant product, supports GenTL interface, as well as a number of vendor-specific APIs.  Thus, you can use it with most cameras available on the market.

User filters

You can use user filters to integrate your own C++ code with the benefits of visual programming.  It takes 30 seconds to build first user filter and 5 seconds to update one after recompilation.

C++ and .NET generators

Programs created in Studio can be exported to C++ code or .NET assemblies.  This makes it very easy to integrate your vision algorithms with applications created in C++, C# or VB programming languages.

UL-410000-00 needs to be purchased with this item.

Description:Image Processing
Notes:Perpetual License, Requires USB License Dongle UL-41000-00
Product Type:Development License