CCS America HPD2-75IR860

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  • Diffuse LED Dome Light
  • Infrared (860 nm)
  • 41 X 91 X 41.5 (IDXODXH mm)
  • 91mm Dome Diameter
  • 41mm Camera Viewing Hole

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It is bright and even if the distance from the workpiece to the Light Unit is changed, there is little change in the uniform region. Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of industries.

Light from the surface-mounted LEDs is diffused inside the dome-shaped reflective panel. The diffused light from the wide uniform region is illuminated evenly.

This Light Unit emits red light and has an outer diameter of 91 mm, an inner diameter of 41 mm, and a height of 45.1 mm.

Product Details

  • 91mm Dome Diameter
  • 41mm Camera Viewing Hole
  • SMR-03V-B Connection

Product Type:Dome Light
Wavelength:860 nm
OD x ID x H (mm):91 X 41 X 45.1
Power Consumption:12 W
Lighting Control:External
Connector Type:SMR-03V-B
Temp. Range:-20 to 60 °C
IP Rating:None