AVT G1-030 VSWIR Closed/C/GigE

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  • 1/4 in. format C-Mount
  • 656 × 520
  • 249 fps
  • VSWIR  (400 to 1700 nm)
  • InGaAs
  • GigE Vision POE

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Alvium G1-030 VSWIR

Alvium G1-030 VSWIR with Sony IMX991 | InGaAs runs 249.0 frames per second at 0.3 MP resolution.

Alvium G1 is the first GigE Vision camera powered by ALVIUM® Technology, Allied Vision’s ASIC chip. It combines the advantages of the established GigE Vision standard with the flexibility of the Alvium platform. In addition to a comprehensive feature set and a broad sensor selection, it offers great versatility. With its very compact housing and industrial standard hardware, it can easily be integrated into any vision system while ensuring long-term availability and reliability.

Easy software integration with Vimba X and compatibility to the most popular third party image processing libraries.

Mount options:

  • C-Mount
  • CS-Mount

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Mount Options:

  • 17787 Alvium G1-030 SWIR CS-Mount

Interface:GigE Vision POE
Lens Mount:C-Mount
Format:1/4 in.
Spectral Range:400 to 1700 nm
Resolution:656 x 520
Sensor Type:InGaAS
Pixel Pitch (μm):5 X 5
Cooling Air:None
L x W x H (mm):41 X 29 X 29
Weight G:650
Temp. Range:-20 to 55 °C
Quantum Efficiency:N/A
Dark Noise (eˉ):N/A
Saturation Capacity (keˉ):N/A
Dynamic Range (dB):N/A


  • Alvium camera series - More freedom than ever before!