CCS America HPD2-100SW

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  • Diffuse LED Dome Light
  • White (400 to 700 nm)
  • 66 X 116 X 57.4 (IDXODXH mm)
  • 116mm Dome Diameter
  • 25mm Camera Viewing Hole

Accessory Products


These are high-power, uniform, and easy to use Dome Lights with three times the brightness of the previous models.
Increased size variations, full color (RGB) models, and infrared (860 nm) models were added in the standard product lineup. Abundant lineup of optional products such as the joint brackets is provided.

Product Details

  • 91mm Dome Diameter
  • 25mm Camera Viewing Hole
  • SMR-03V-B Connection

Available wavelengths for the HPD2-100SW series include:

White (400-700nm) HPD2-100SW
Blue (470 nm) HPD2-100BL
Red/Green/Blue (622/525/470 nm) HPD2-100FC
Red (635 nm) HPD2-100RD
IR (860 nm) HPD2-100IR860
Product Type:Dome Light
Wavelength:400 to 700 nm
OD x ID x H (mm):116 X 66 X 57.4
Power Consumption:23 W
Lighting Control:External
Connector Type:SMR-03V-B
Temp. Range:-20 to 60 °C
IP Rating:None