Zeiss 2180-552

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  • 50 mm, 35 mm format (Ø 43 mm image circle)
  • F-Mount Visible to NIR Lens
  • f/# 2
  • M.O.D. 100 mm
  • filter thread M67 x 0.75
  • Manual Focus, Manual Iris and Locking Screws



Zeiss Interlock 2/50M F-Mount Part Number 2180-552
New lens family for industrial use – All lenses impress with their high and unwavering image quality and precise manual focus. The camera lenses feature an image circle measuring 43 mm and are therefore suitable for line sensors of up to 43 mm (2k – 8k) or for area scan sensors of up to 24 x 36 mm (16 – 71 Mpixels).

Lens Mount:F-Mount
Format:35 mm
Focal Length:50 mm
Image Circle:43.20 mm
M.O.D.:100 mm
Matching Pixels:5.00 µm
Spectral Range:400 to 1000 nm
Filter Size:M67 x 0.75
Notes:Locking Screws

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