Computar VL6Z1626UC-MPYIR

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  • 16-96 mm, 1.1 in. format (Ø 17.6 mm image circle)
  • C-Mount
  • f/# 2.6, M.O.D. 3000 mm
  • filter thread M67 x 0.75
  • with Preset Motorized Zoom, Preset Motorized Focus and Motorized Iris
  • USB Interface

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  • 12MP, Suitable for large format sensors (IMX183)
  • 1” format
  • 16-96mm, f2.6
  • P-Iris  with remote adjustment
  • Power supply & control through USB
  • Floating focus design achieves ultra-high resolution from Near to Far
  • Stepper motors realize precise focus control and high repeatability
  • Easy-to-install by free control software
Format:1.1 in.
Lens Mount:C-Mount
Focal Length:16 - 96 mm
Image Circle:17.60 mm
M.O.D.:3000 mm
Spectral Range:400 to 1000 nm
Zoom:Preset Motorized Zoom
Focus:Preset Motorized Focus
Iris:Preset Motorized Iris
Filter Size:M67 x 0.75
Notes:USB Interface


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