AVT U-812 UV Closed/C/USB

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  • 2/3 in. format
  • C-Mount
  • 2848 x 2848
  • 50 fps
  • UV
  • CMOS Global Shutter
  • USB Vision

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Alvium 1800 U-812 UV with Sony IMX487 runs 50.0 frames per second at 8.1 MP resolution.

Alvium 1800 U is your entry into high-performance imaging with ALVIUM® Technology for industrial applications. Equipped with the newest generation of sensors, these small and lightweight cameras deliver high image quality and frame rates at the best price-performance ratio. With its USB3 Vision compliant interface and industrial-grade hardware, it is your workhorse for different machine vision applications whether it is on a PC-based or an embedded system.

Easy software integration with Allied Vision’s Vimba Suite and compatibility to the most popular third party image-processing libraries.

Hardware options:

  • Housings: Closed housing, Open housing or Bareboard
  • Various lens mounts: C-Mount or CS-Mount
  • USB connector position: Select between the back panel or the left side of the camera (seen from the sensor side).

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Closed Housing:

  • 17559 Alvium 1800 U-812 UV (UV/Closed/C-Mount/USB90)
  • 17563 Alvium 1800 U-812 UV (UV/Closed/CS-Mount/Standard)
  • 17558 Alvium 1800 U-812 UV (UV/Closed/CS-Mount/USB90)

Open Housing:

  • 17562 Alvium 1800 U-812 UV (UV/Open/C-Mount/Standard)
  • 17557 Alvium 1800 U-812 UV (UV/Open/C-Mount/USB90)
  • 17561 Alvium 1800 U-812 UV (UV/Open/CS-Mount/Standard)
  • 17556 Alvium 1800 U-812 UV (UV/Open/CS-Mount/USB90)


  • 17560 Alvium 1800 U-812 UV (UV/Bare/Standard)
  • 17555 Alvium 1800 U-812 UV (UV/Bare/USB90)

Please contact Graftek Sales at 1 (512) 416-1099 or Sales@Graftek.com  to receive the correct order code for the desired Alvium Camera configuration.

Interface:USB3 Vision
Format:2/3 in.
Lens Mount:C-Mount
Mega Pixels:8.1
Resolution:2848 x 2848
Spectral Range:200 to 1100 nm
Sensor Type:CMOS Global Shutter
Pixel Pitch (μm):2.74 X 2.74
L x W x H (mm):38 X 29 X 29
Temp. Range:-20 to 65 °C
Auto Iris:None

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