AVT U-1240m Closed/C/USB

$440.00In Stock
  • 1/1.7 in. format
  • C-Mount
  • 4024 x 3036
  • 29 fps
  • Monochrome
  • CMOS Rolling Shutter
  • USB3 Vision
  • See configuration options below

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Alvium 1800 U-1240m 14802

Versatile USB camera with IMX226 sensor

Alvium USB cameras are designed for use in both machine vision and embedded applications. Offering high image quality and reducing workload for the host, Alvium enables innovation among system designers. The innovative ALVIUM System on Chip (SoC) performs image corrections and preprocessing tasks onboard the camera instead of the host computer. Unlike FPGAs commonly used in machine vision cameras, the ALVIUM SoC is extremely power efficient. With Alvium, integrating hardware and software can be done effortlessly, which ultimately reduces development time. The Sony IMX226 CMOS sensor enables high-quality imaging at 12.2 MP and 29 frames per second. Color models ship with an IR cut filter, monochrome and S-Mount models ship without a filter or protection glass.

Benefits and Features

  • ALVIUM® Technology for on-board image processing
  • USB3 Vision interface for GenICam SFNC features
  • Platform concept that enables the operation of different Alvium camera models with a common software
  • Micro-B USB 3.1 Gen 1 connector with screw locks for industrial applications
  • Precise sensor-to-lens mount alignment
  • Standard M3 mounting holes for top and bottom mounting, standard M2 mounting holes for front mounting
  • Industrial performance for both embedded and machine vision applications

Hardware options:

  • Housings: Closed housing, Open housing, or Bareboard
  • Various lens mounts: C-Mount, CS-Mount, or S-Mount
  • USB connector position: Select between the back panel or the left side of the camera (seen from the sensor side).

Other Ordering Options: (Some models may not be listed on our website, these will need a Request for Quote)

Closed Housing

  • 14816  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Closed/C-Mount/USB90)
  • 14803  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Closed/CS-Mount/Standard)
  • 14817  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Closed/CS-Mount/USB90)
  • 14804  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Closed/S-Mount/Standard)
  • 14818  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Closed/S-Mount/USB90)

Open Housing

  • 14808  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Open/C-Mount/Standard)
  • 14822  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Open/C-Mount/USB90)
  • 14809  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Open/CS-Mount/Standard)
  • 14823  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Open/CS-Mount/USB90)
  • 14810  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Open/S-Mount/Standard)
  • 14824  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Open/S-Mount/USB90)


  • 14800  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Bare/Standard)
  • 14814  Alvium 1800 U-1240m (Mono/Bard/USB90)

Please contact Graftek Sales at 1 (512) 416-1099 or Sales@Graftek.com to receive the correct order code for the desired Alvium Camera configuration.


Interface:USB3 Vision
Format:1/1.7 in.
Lens Mount:C-Mount
Mega Pixels:12
Resolution:4024 x 3036
Sensor Type:CMOS Rolling Shutter
Pixel Pitch (μm):1.85 X 1.85
L x W x H (mm):38 X 29 X 29
Temp. Range:5 to 65 °C
Auto Iris:None
Quantum Efficiency:74.00%
Dark Noise (eˉ):4.80
Saturation Capacity (keˉ):10.40
Dynamic Range (dB):65.00


  • Alvium camera series - More freedom than ever before!