SmartVisionLights ODSB75-850

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  • Brick Spot Backlight
  • IR (850 nm)
  • 69 X 46 X 36 (LXWXH mm)
  • OverDrive for 4-5x brightness
  • 2447 Acrylic Backlight Lens

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ODSB75 OverDrive Brick Spot Backlight Series

The ODSB75 Brick Light features a smart driver with OverDriveTM strobe mode. The light’s diffused lens makes it a viable option for silhouetting objects. The manual potentiometer control allows the intensity to be adjusted from 10%–100%. A user can also adjust the intensity using the 1–10VDC remote analog signal. The ODSB75 has the ability to produce up to 5000 strobes per second at a maximum strobe length of 125 mS when at a 10% maximum duty cycle. Heat is dissipated through the aluminum backplate, allowing the ODSB75 to be run at a high current and great intensity.

The OverDrive ODSB75 model operates in strobe mode only.

Product Features:

  • 4-5 Times Brighter Than Standard High Current LEDs
  • PNP and NPN Strobe Input
  • OverDrive/Strobe Only
  • Dimmable Via Built In Potentiometer
  • Analog Intensity 0-10VDC Signal
  • Maximum Strobe Time – 125mS
  • Up to 5000 Strobes Per Second
  • 2447 Acrylic Backlight Lens

Available wavelengths for the ODSB75 series include:

White (400-700nm) ODSB75-WHI
Blue (470 nm) ODSB75-470
Cyan (505 nm) ODSB75-505
Green (530 nm) ODSB75-530
Red (625 nm) ODSB75-625
IR (850 nm) ODSB75-850
IR (940 nm) ODSB75-940
Wavelength:850 nm
L x W x H (mm):69 X 46 X 36
Lighting Control:Strobe and Intensity
Connector Type:SVL-M12
Temp. Range:-18 to 40 °C
IP Rating:IP50