SmartVisionLights ODR80-365

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  • UV (365 nm) LED Ring Light
  • 80 X 42 X 40.5 (ODXIDXH mm)
  • Integrated 10-100% Intensity Control
  • Four, 1mm² die high current LEDs
  • OverDrive driver for 4-5x brightness

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The all metal construction of the Ring Light Series of lights provides a small particle resistant and all around durable light. Its simple plug and play 5 Pin M12 connector provides ease of use while allowing for full control. The 0-10 VDC intensity control assists in gaining full control of the light output. The provided diffuse lens breaks up light into a more diffuse and even pattern – great for inspecting metallic or semi-metallic materials. A standard 42 mm inner hole diameter allows for use with nearly all camera systems with available step-up and step-down conversion kits adapters.

The ODR80 features an Overdrive driver with NPN or PNP signal options.

  • OverDrive driver for 4-5x brightness over standard high current LEDs
  • Four, 1mm² die high current LEDs
  • SafeStrobe Technology
  • T-Slot for mounting
  • Conversion adapters For different cameras
  • PNP and NPN strobe input
  • OverDrive/Strobe only
  • Up to 5000 strobes per second
  • Maximum strobe time 125mS

Available wavelengths for the ODR80 series include:

White (400-700nm) ODR80-WHI
UV (365 nm) ODR80-365
UV (395 nm) ODR80-395
Blue (470 nm) ODR80-470
Cyan (505 nm) ODR80-505
Green (530 nm) ODR80-530
Red (625 nm) ODR80-625
IR (850 nm) ODR80-850
IR (940 nm) ODR80-940

Wide angle lens comes standard with all models. Narrow angle lens option is available; please refer to part number ODR80-XXX-N when ordering for this option.

Product Type:Ring Light
Wavelength:365 nm
OD x ID x H (mm):80 X 42 X 40.5
Lighting Control:Strobe and Intensity
Connector Type:SVL-M12
Temp. Range:-18 to 40 °C
IP Rating:IP50