SmartVisionLights CTL-IO-4

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  • Master and Individual¬†Intensity Control
  • Supports 4 Lights via M12 connection
  • Support for NPN and PNP cameras

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The CTL-IO-4 I/O Module is used to provide inputs for triggering LED lights. The CTL-IO-4 Module is externally powered and is designed to be used with a strobe source or camera system and can actively send a strobe signal to run up to four separate outputs. Input signals can be NPN or PNP from the camera or strobe source. The I/O Module will also set all lights to full intensity or allow all lights to be adjusted with the Master Intensity Control potentiometer or each of the four outputs are able to be controlled by its own potentiometer.

Description:Break-out Board Camera to 4 lights
Product Type:Analog Control

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