Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner S Gen2

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  • Resolution Up to 3.2 Million
  • Scanning range 384 – 520 mm
  • Point to point distance 0.174 mm
  • Scanning time 250 – 2250 ms
  • 3D points throughput 16 Million points per second
  • GPU NVIDIA Pascal™ Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA cores


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Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner S Gen2

Useful especially for inspection & quality check-up. The scanning range is larger than in the case of the XS version. However, the general rule of thumb says it is best used for scanning of objects that fit into one’s hand. This is the first model that can be used also for bin picking of objects from small bins.

The scanning volume of the PhoXi 3D Scanner family ranges from 15 cm up to 4 meters, allowing you to scan large as well as very small objects. Each of the five scanner models has been designed for a different scanning range to respond to your needs and cover all possible applications.

Its advanced methods for ambient light suppression provide superior quality of scans even in demanding light conditions of up to 20 000 LUX. Materials such as shiny or reflecting surfaces pose no challenge thanks to the sophisticated noise filtering algorithms that are in place.

You only need a single cable to get both electric power and data connection – Power over Ethernet. Alternatively, you can power your device by 24 V. The two options ensure versatility, easy use, and strong performance even when using long cables > 30 m.

Get 3 Million 3D points in every scan and an accuracy of 25 – 500 um across the different models. The carbon body and thermal calibration ensure minimal expansion and reliable performance under changing conditions.

Thanks to its low weight of less than 1.5 kg, the PhoXi 3D Scanner can be mounted directly onto the robotic arm – a very handy option if you need to scan a big bin with a smaller scanner from variable viewpoints, or to get a detailed look at the bin corners. Together with an energy consumption of less than 35 W, it makes a perfect fit for any kind of robot whilst reducing money spent on energies and complex cells.

Featuring protection class IP65, the PhoXi 3D Scanner is dust-tight and protected against low- pressure jets of water coming from any direction and at any angle. M12 connectors with screw-on locks ensure a robust, industrial-grade connection.

PhoXi 3D Scanner offers the best-in-class thermal stability thanks to hardware enhancements together with the thermal calibration model. It ensures a stable and reliable scanning performance in changing temperature conditions.


  • PhoXi control standard API
  • Desktop PoE injector (input: 90 ~ 264 VAC, output: 33.6 W, 56 V PoE, IEEE802.3at) with 6ft power cable
  • M12-X (m) RJ45 (m) ethernet cable – length 16ft 5inch
  • Standard 12 months warranty

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Resolution:Up to 3.2 Million
Scanning Range:384 - 520 mm
Optimal Scanning Distance:442 mm
Scanning Area:360 x 272 mm
3D Points Throughput:16 Million points per second
Point to Point Distance:0.174 mm
Calibration Accuracy:0.050 mm
Temporal Noise:0.050 mm
Scanning Time:250 - 2250 ms
Baseline:230 mm
Dimensions:77 x 68 x 296 mm

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