Photoneo MotionCam-3D M Gen2

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  • Depth map resolution (static mode) 1600 x 1200
  • Depth map resolution (dynamic mode) 1120 x 800
  • Maximum FPS 20 fps
  • Maximum object / camera speed 40 m/s
  • Scanning range 630 – 1574 mm
  • Depth range 944 mm
  • Scanning area @ z = 630 mm: 451 x 408 mm
  • Scanning area @ z = 1574 mm: 1317 x 951 mm

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Photoneo MotionCam-3D M Gen2

The M model of MotionCam-3D obtained a significant boost of the scanning range compared to its smaller brother from the S class. It is optimal for scanning medium-sized objects and scenes.

Photoneo MotionCam-3D is the world’s highest-resolution and highest-accuracy area 3D camera for dynamic scenes. It is your go-to device for applications requiring fast and robust 3D acquisition. Reconstruct accurate point clouds of various objects in a high level of detail without compromises on quality caused by vibrations, ambient light or motion blur. This makes it your ideal 3D vision companion for handling objects in motion.

  • Resistant to vibrations & ambient light without producing distortion or broken acquisitions.
  • Highest resolution and accuracy of 3D scanning of dynamic scenes.
  • No blurry edges for objects moving up to 40 m/s.
  • Patented technology inside in the form of novel CMOS sensor.
  • Ultra high-density point cloud with a resolution of 0,9 Mpx equal to 2 Mpx in the mode for static scenes.
  • Industry-ready device with IP65, PoE and thermal calibration.
  • Computational powerhouse provides 15 million 3D points per second.
  • Unrivaled scanning range from 36 cm up to 3 m

Parallel Structured Light brings the state-of-the-art quality and resolution of structured light scanning into the 3D reconstruction of highly dynamic scenes. This novel patented technology uses a clever sensor design which performs the acquisition in one snapshot as opposed to the sequential scanning of a standard image sensor. This means that the Parallel Structured light method practically freezes the 3D scene in time.


  • PhoXi Control application
  • Desktop PoE injector (input: 90 ~ 264 VAC, output: 33.6 W, 56 V PoE, IEEE802.3at) with 1.8m power cable
  • M12-X (m) RJ45 (m) ethernet cable – length 5m
  • Standard 12 months warranty

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Depth Map Resolution (Static Mode):1600 x 1200
Depth Map Resolution (Dynamic Mode):1120 x 800
Maximum FPS:20 fps
Maximum Object / Camera Speed:40 m/s
3D Points Throughput:15 million points per second
Scanning Range:497 - 939 mm
Depth Range:442 mm
Scanning Area:331 x 324 mm @ z = 497 mm, 862 x 567 mm @ z = 939 mm
Point Size (Camera Mode):0.550 mm @ z=650 mm
Point Size (Scanner Mode):0.370 mm @ z=650 mm
Baseline:350 mm

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