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  • 28.7 mm sensor
  • F-Mount
  • 2048 x 4
  • 19 KHz
  • Color and NIR
  • 4CCD Prism Camera
  • Camera Link Medium

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The SW-2001Q-CL-F is a prism-based industrial RGB/NIR color line scan camera with four separate imagers for simultaneously capturing red, green, blue and near infrared light. Besides delivering supreme RGB color data, the NIR image makes it possible to identify an even wider set of defects on inspected objects.


  • 4-CCD prism-based camera.
  • Simultaneous imaging of R/G/B/NIR.
  • One optical path.
  • 3 lines x 2048 pixels.
  • 14.0 μm square pixels.
  • Up to 19,048 lines/s.
  • 4 x 8-bits or 4 x 10-bits output.
  • One-push automatic white balancing.
  • Flat-field correction.
  • Color shading compensation.
  • Pixel binning.
  • Windowing & sub-sampling modes.
  • M52 mount (Standard).
  • Optional Nikon F-mount.
Interface:Camera Link Medium
Lens Mount:F-Mount
Format:28.7 mm
Resolution:2048 x 4
Sensor Type:4CCD Color and NIR
Pixel Pitch (μm):14 X 14
L x W x H (mm):120 X 90 X 90
Weight G:1050
Temp. Range:-5 to 45 °C
Connector Type:MDR