System Design Service

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  • Creating Your Vision Together!
  • Get Expert Assistance With
    • Lighting
    • Lens Filters
    • Optics
    • Cameras
    • Software
    • Mounting Hardware and Accessories


There is a vast array of products to choose from when designing your machine vision solution.  Have one of our application engineers assist you with the selection of the right components for your requirements.  We will help you sort out the details.  Examples include:

What lighting geometry and wavelength will be best for my application?
Will a lens filter be necessary or advantageous?
What lens is the right lens for my camera and requirements?
I need high speed and high resolution and my budget is limited.  What camera should I choose?
What software should I use for my project?

Consulting Fee: $250 USD per hour.  Receive a $250.00 USD consulting fee credit with your first purchase of $1000.00 or more.

Our applications engineers are ready to help with your system design!

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