Computar A4Z1214CS-MPIR

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  • 12.5 – 50 mm, 1/2.7 in. format (Ø 6.6 mm image circle)
  • CS-Mount IR Corrected Lens
  • f/# 1.4
  • M.O.D. 1000 mm
  • filter thread M40.5 x 0.5
  • for 400 to 1000 nm

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The Computar A4Z1214CS-MPIR is a CS-mount 1/2.7″ 3 Megapixel lens designed specifically for 3 Megapixel camera applications. The A4Z1214CS-MPIR offers a 12.5 – 50 mm focal length, Manual Iris Type, IR Day/Night capability, with a full HD format. It includes IR corrected optics, and corner brightness technology.

The Computar A4Z1214CS-MPIR 1/2.7″ 12.5 – 500 mm Manual Iris 3 megapixel Lens ensures quality, performance, and precision viewing.

Lens Mount:CS-Mount
Format:1/2.7 in.
Focal Length:12.5 - 50 mm
Image Circle:6.60 mm
M.O.D.:1000 mm
Spectral Range:400 to 1000 nm
Filter Size:M40.5 x 0.5
Notes:IR Corrected