Bottle Inspection System

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  • New software with more intuitive user interface
  • Multiple (200) measurements around the bottle
  • Wide range of bottle sizes and neck supported
  • New measurement- lug diameter for trigger bottles
  • Simple software that minimizes training
  • Minimal maintenance for operation
  • Simple software user interface for operators

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BIS – Bottle Inspection System

The Bottle Inspection System (BIS) is a gauge built to Industrial Equipment Specifications to measure the finish dimensions of HDPE bottles including T, E, H, S, N, height and Finish Flatness. Optionally, it can also measure bottle diameter at multiple locations. The BIS uses a digital camera and a set of lights to obtain profile images of the bottleā€™s finish and performs an analysis of the images to determine the finish measurements. The algorithms for the thread finish measurements are programmed in the software and require no operator assistance.

The user interface for the BIS is based on a Windows XP PC. Data from the tests are automatically logged to Zontec.


  • New software with more intuitive user interface.
  • Multiple (200) measurements around the bottle.
  • Wide range of bottle sizes and neck supported.
  • Measurements include T (Parting Line, 90), E (Parting Line, 90), S, S1, H(90, 270), N(0, 90, 180, 270), Finish Flatness, Height, Width, Depth, Diameter.
  • New measurement- lug diameter for trigger bottles.
  • Extremely repeatable measurements.
  • Simple software that minimizes training.
  • Robust modular construction for factory floor use.
  • Minimal maintenance for operation.
  • Software checks and alarms for system abnormalities.
  • Customization for bottle types, measurements, logging, touch-screen operation.
  • Simple software user interface for operators.
  • BIS compensates for bottle placement.
  • Easy to read display of results.
  • Plots available to advanced users for troubleshooting.
  • Tolerances set by plant quality personnel.
  • One-step calibration of hardware.

Lighting:Long life (20,000 hrs) LED
Dimensions:48 x 32 x 36 in
User Interface:Touchscreen
Housing:Anodized Al and Stainless Steel