Basler boA2832-190cc

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  • 2/3 in. format
  • C-Mount Suggested
  • 2832 x 2840
  • 190 fps
  • Color
  • CMOS Global Shutter
  • CoaXPress CXP12-X2
  • Mounts sold separately

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boA2832-190cc Basler Boost (108671)

The Basler CoaXPress 2.0 boA2832-190cc camera with the Sony IMX536 CMOS sensor delivers 190 frames per second with a 8 MP resolution.

The boost series is available with different lens mounts (C-mount, F-mount and M42-mount). These must be purchased separately for the camera.

  • CoaXPress interface according to standard version 2.0
  • 12.5 Gbps transfer rate through one channel0
  • Max. frame rate of up to 68 fps
  • Standardized cable connection: Micro-BNC (HD-BNC)
  • Unique Basler PGI feature set included
  • GenTL compatibility
  • Available for C-mount and F-mount lenses
  • 100% quality-tested and calibrated for consistent high performance and reliability

Lens mounts sold separately, suggested options

Interface:CoaXPress CXP12-X2
Format:2/3 in.
Lens Mount:C-Mount
Mega Pixels:8
Resolution:2832 x 2840
Sensor Type:CMOS Global Shutter
L x W x H (mm):45 X 80 X 80
Pixel Pitch (μm):2.74 X 2.74
Temp. Range:0 to 50 °C
Auto Iris:None
Quantum Efficiency:N/A
Dark Noise (eˉ):N/A
Saturation Capacity (keˉ):N/A
Dynamic Range (dB):N/A