Basler Blaze 101

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  • Measuring method: Time of Flight
  • Sensor: Sony DepthSense™ IMX556 SMOS
  • Resolution: 640px x 480px / VGA
  • Field of View (H x V): 67° x 51°
  • Wavelenght: 940 nm
  • Working Range: 0 m – 10 m
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Data Connector: IEC 61076-2-109; M12; 8-pin; x-coded; female
  • Power Connector: IEC 61076-2-101; M12; 8-pin; female
  • Mono
  • Lens integrated

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Basler Blaze-101

The Basler blaze Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera with the Sony DepthSense™ IMX556PLR sensor offers high-resolution 3D images with near millimeter precision at a very attractive price.

A Time-of-Flight camera with convincing features: compact, robust design for industrial applications. Easy integration thanks to already integrated light source and lens. Precise and accurate 3D depth data. Suitable for 3D vision tasks in factory automation, logistics and robotics.

The blaze generates 2D and 3D data in one shot with a multipart image that includes distance, intensity, and confidence maps. (From left to right: 2D intensity image, 3D depth map. 3D point cloud).
The powerful Sony DepthSense™ IMX556 sensor in the Basler blaze allows precise optical measurement (+/- 5 mm) of objects at up to 30 frames per second. The Backside-Illuminated (BSI) architecture allows this advanced CMOS sensor to better capture incoming light.
Combined with Sony’s proprietary CAPD (Current Assisted Photonics Demodulation) ToF pixel technology, significantly higher accuracy of 3D depth data can be achieved compared to conventional ToF cameras. The built-in high-performance VCSEL diodes and ToF-optimized lens are aligned with the IMX556 sensor and support precise optical measurement using the Time-of-Flight method.

The combination of the established pylon Camera Software Suite and the Supplementary Package for the blaze allows you to get your Basler 3D camera up and running easily. With the included blaze Viewer, 3D image data can be optimally visualized. In addition, an extensive collection of code examples provides an easy introduction to the popular pylon API and the camera function.

Interface:GigE Vision
Resolution:640 x 480
Maximum FPS:30 fps
Field of View (H x V):67° x 51°
Working Range:0m -10m
Lens Mount:Lens integrated
Connector Type:M12 8-pin
Temp. Range:0 to 50 °C

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