Basler 2000034088

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  • Opto-GP-I/O Cable
  • 6-pin Hirose (Female) to open
  • 10 m
  • Connects GPIO and GPIO Ground

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Opto-GP-I/O Y-cable, 6p/open, 2 x 10 m

Input/Output (I/O) cable with a Hirose 6-pin connector at one end (camera side) and two open-ended cables at the other end (host side):
Host side: Cable with blue outer jacket; wires connect to the opto-isolated I/O pins (IN, OUT, Opto Ground) of the camera.
Cable with yellow outer jacket; wires connect to the direct coupled general purpose I/O (GPIO) pins (GPIO, GPIO Ground) of the camera.

For all ace GigE cameras (with/without GPIO) the GPIO cable also supplies power to the camera. This design allows a separate wiring of trigger signal and power.

Product Type:I/O Cable
Connector Type:6-pin Hirose
Length:10 m
Description:Opto-GP-I/O Y-Cable 6p/open, 2 x 10 m

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