Basler 2000034084

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  • I/O PLC+
  • Hirose 6-pin to Open Ended
  • 10 m


Basler 2000034084

  • I/O PLC
  • Hirose 6-pin to Open Ended
  • 10 m

EMC robust cables for power supply and control for Basler ace GigE cameras, which are controlled by a PLC.


Camera Input
Alignment of signal level for logical 0 from PLC (<8.4V) to TTL (<1.4V)

Camera Input and Power Supply
Reverse voltage protection
Secured against power-on overvoltage peaks
Secured against positive/negative overvoltage peaks
Improved EMC safety

Product Type:I/O Cable
Connector Type:6-pin Hirose
Length:10 m
Description:I/O PLC Cable, 6-pin Open, 10 m

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