AVT 1068300

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  • AVT Heatsink
  • for Goldeye SWIR Cameras

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AVT Heatsink for Goldeye SWIR Cameras

Includes: One Heat Sink, Screws, Tape, and Wrench.

In some situations, for example microscopy applications, a solid metal part to attach the camera is not available. Also, a permanently operating fan provides a rather inconvenient solution because of noise, lifetime, and dust issues. The heat sink set for Goldeye cameras provides in?expensive cooling capacity for all cases when flexible and effective cooling is required.

Heat dissipation from the camera improves with the number of heat sinks that are used at the same time. One heat sink can be mounted to each side of the camera, using the existing thread holes. (Also refer to the Goldeye heat sink instruction leaflet which is included with the heat sink set.)

Number of Heat Sinks Temperature Decrease (Kelvin)
1 6 K
2 9 K
3 11 K
4 13 K
Description:Heatsink for Goldeye Cameras