Lucid Vision Labs ATX081S-UC

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  • 2/3 in. format
  • C-Mount
  • 2840 x 2840
  • 137 fps
  • UV
  • CMOS Global Shutter
  • 10GBASE-T

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The Atlas10 UV 10GigE (10GBASE-T) PoE+ camera, featuring the high-sensitivity Sony UV 8.1 MP IMX487 sensor, is capable of capturing images across the ultraviolet (UV) light spectrum range (200 to 400nm). Utilizing Pregius S back-illuminated sensor technology the camera’s high sensitivity of the 200 to 400nm range opens up a world of industrial applications with greater precision in transparent materials (plastic and PET), semiconductor inspection, material sorting and more.

Note: The sensor is sensitive to UV and visible light (200nm to 1100nm). The sensor and the camera do not filter light beyond 400nm and a visible light cut filter (sold separately) should be used for best results.


Format:2/3 in.
Lens Mount:C-Mount
Mega Pixels:8.1
Resolution:2840 x 2840
Spectral Range:200 to 400 nm
Sensor Type:CMOS Global Shutter
Pixel Pitch (μm):2.74 X 2.74
L x W x H (mm):55 X 55 X 95
Temp. Range:-20 to 50 °C
Auto Iris:None

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