Schneider 21-1101276

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  • 50 mm, 2″ format (32 mm image circle)
  • TFL-Mount
  • f/# 2.8 – 16
  • M.O.D. 510 mm
  • Filter thread M43 x 0.75

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These high resolution lenses for sensors up to 32 mm diagonal are compact and robust and therefore ideal for demanding imaging applications even in harsh environment. The optical design prevents shading with CRA sensitive sensors and the special broadband AR coating enables the use either in the visible 400 to 700 nm or in the NIR 700 to 1000 nm range.

The THULITE large format lenses are tested to DIN standards to ensure they meet stringent environmental requirements. These tests check the durability of the large format lenses, their resistance to temperature changes and their ability to withstand shock tests and sinusoidal vibration. This ensures that the industrial lenses are up to the task in demanding industrial applications such as machine vision or automated optical inspection, providing consistent performance and reliability over time.

Product Features:

  • 2″ (32 mm) max. Sensor size
  • 3 focal lengths: 35 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm
  • Very high resolution down to 2.4µ pixel size
  • Initial aperture: F2.8
  • M42 lens and TFL-Mount lens available
  • Covering a wide working distance range
Lens Mount:TFL-Mount
Format:2 in.
Focal Length:50 mm
Image Circle:32.00 mm
M.O.D.:510 mm
Matching Pixels:2.40 µm
Spectral Range:400 to 1000 nm
Filter Size:M43 x 0.75