Automation Technology 102 916 004

102 916 004
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  • IRSX Factory Automation App
    • Turns your GenICam complaint IRSX-I camera into a smart camera
    • Adds Access to LUA script engine
    • Adds
      • OPC-UA
      • MQTT
      • Profinet

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IRSX Factory Automation App

All features of the Smart Processing App, plus

  • Access to LUA script engine
  • Additional protocols for data access and control:
    • QPC-UA
    • MQTT
    • Profinet

Smart Processing App Features:

General Features

  • Generation of “jobs” using web application
  • Web interface for data visualization and configuration
  • Access to processed data and control via Modbus-TCP slave, GenICam, OpenAPI (HTTP-Rest)
  • Control of fieldbus I/Os via Modbus-TCP master
  • GigE Vision compliant real-time video streaming
  • Upload of jobs via HTTP
  • Switching of jobs via fieldbus and SCADA protocols
  • Alarm image download via FTP, HTTP

Image Evaluation Features

  • Supported line ROIs: point, line, rect, ellipse, polyline
  • Supported area ROIs: rect, ellipse, polyline
  • Supports min, max, mean STD, VAR, etc.
  • Supports automated temperature profile evaluation along line ROIs
  • Output of results to the supported fieldbus and SCADA protocols
  • Alarm actions: save image, send email
  • Integrated LUA scripting for evaluation flow
  • Display of real-time measurement results as table and plots on app dashboard
Description:Add image processing and factory communications to your IRSX camera