SmartVisionLights RM140-625

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  • Red (625 nm) LED Mini Ring Light
  • 138 X 102 X 38 (ODXIDXH mm)
  • Integrated Intensity Control
  • 72 High Output LEDs
  • OverDrive Strobe Mode

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RM140 Series Mini Ring Light

The RM140 is larger in diameter than the RM75. The RM140 also includes our built-in driver, which features Multi-Drive, allowing the user to operate the light in constant ON operation or Multi-Drive™ depending on wiring method. The industry standard 5 Pin M12 connector makes for simple wiring. The 1-10V analog control line gives the user total control over intensity in the continuous mode. The user simply sets the product parameters to the maximum allowed intensity (see datasheet). Removing the signal will put the light into OverDrive™ mode.

Recommended illumination usage: Dark Field, Radial

Product Details

  • Built-in Driver – No External Wiring To A Driver Needed
  • 6" (15 cm) – 5 Pin M12 Quick Connect Cable
  • Over-Current Protection
  • PNP and NPN Strobe Input
  • Strobe Mode
  • 5-pin M12 quick connect

Available wavelengths for the RM140 Series:

White (400-700nm) RM140-WHI
Blue (470 nm) RM140-470
Green (530 nm) RM140-530
Red (625 nm) RM140-625
Product Type:Ring Light
Wavelength:625 nm
OD x ID x H (mm):75 X 48 X 27
Lighting Control:Strobe and Intensity
Connector Type:SVL-M12
Temp. Range:-18 to 50 °C
IP Rating:IP65