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  • 1.1 in. format
  • C-Mount
  • 3208 x 2200
  • Color
  • CMOS Global Shutter
  • USB3 Vision

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The PL-D757 utilizes the 3rd generation Pregius CMOS Sony sensor, which delivers improvements in image quality and speed.

This camera provides low noise images and is the perfect fit for a wide range of industrial applications.

The IMX420 sensor also has improved detection quality in applications with moving objects.

HDR imaging renders a captured image with a greater dynamic range of luminosity than standard digital imaging. A key feature of the 3rd generation Sony Pregius CMOS global shutter sensors is a Dual ADC mode where each pixel can be read out with two different gains. The PL-D757 and PL-D753 take advantage of this new sensor feature by combining the dual ADC images into a single hybrid HDR image directly on camera, thus removing the need for any host processing. The combination of a low gain image used for bright areas of a scene, along with a high gain image used for dark areas of a scene, allow details to be discerned in both the bright and dark areas of an image.

As with all the Pixelink cameras, the PL-D757 is compatible with Pixelink Capture, our free real-time interactive multi-camera software application.

Additional camera options can be ordered:

  • PL-D757CU-BL – 7 MP Sony IMX420 Board Level Color USB 3.0 CMOS Camera
  • PL-D757CU-T – 7 MP Sony IMX420 Enclosed Color USB 3.0 CMOS Camera w/Trigger


Interface:USB3 Vision
Format:1.1 in.
Lens Mount:C-Mount
Mega Pixels:7
Resolution:3208 x 2200
Sensor Type:CMOS Global Shutter
Pixel Pitch (μm):4.5 X 4.5
L x W x H (mm):55 X 38.5 X 30.23
Temp. Range:0 to 50 °C
Auto Iris:None
Quantum Efficiency:N/A
Dark Noise (eˉ):N/A
Saturation Capacity (keˉ):N/A
Dynamic Range (dB):N/A