Navitar ZOOM 7010

ZOOM 7010
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  • 8.5 – 90 mm, 1/3 in. format (Ø 6 mm image circle)
  • C-Mount Visible to NIR Lens
  • f/# 2.5, M.O.D. 180 mm
  • filter thread none
  • with Manual Zoom, Manual Focus, Manual Iris and Close-up Lens

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The Navitar Zoom 7010 Macro Zoom lens is designed for use with a 1/3″ or smaller camera.  It has a 10X zoom ratio and a 7-12″ working distance (W.D. of 16″ to infinity when the built-in close-up lens is removed.)

Lens Mount:C-Mount
Format:1/3 in.
Focal Length:8.5 - 90 mm
Image Circle:6.00 mm
M.O.D.:180 mm
Spectral Range:400 to 1000 nm
Filter Size:None
Notes:Close-up Lens