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  • GigE Vision POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • x8, x16 PCIe compatible
  • 2 independent GigE ports
  • Up to 1GB per second transfer rate

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The LRES2002PT is a PCIe x4 PoE Gigabit Dual Port Copper industrial Ethernet Server Adapter based on the Intel I350 chipset and is compatible with x8, x16 lanes. The PoE adapter is designed mainly used on industrial field vision inspection server and equipment, vision field client, fast moving Ethernet data transmission equipment etc, also suitable for ordinary servers.

The LRES2002PT interface designed for industrial cable access, with the LR-LINK customized industrial Ethernet cable, has screw to lock copper cable and RJ45 more stably, effectively solve the problem of the instability of industrial sites RJ45 connection copper cable, and be compatible with standard cable access. The larger heat sink can effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation of the PoE card under the condition of poor heat dissipation, and effectively ensure the stable operation of the PoE adapter card for a long time. Carefully selected RJ45 connector with thickened and deep gold to ensure more solid and reliable connectivity.

The Adapter controller has integrated hardware acceleration capability to perform TCP/UDP/IP checksum and load sharing and TCP segmentation task. Host processing technology can be divided into accelerators and release CPU resources to handle with other applications.


Interface:GigE Vision POE
Camera Inputs:2
Camera Buses:2
Supplied Power:30 W
Host Interface:X4 PCIe
Connector Type:RJ45, RJ45-hsl
Reconfigurable I O:No