FLIR A615 55001-0105

A615 55001-0105
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  • 6.5 mm lens
  • 80° x 64° angle of view
  • 640 x 480
  • 50 fps
  • Long Wave Infrared
  • GigE Vision

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The FLIR A615 15° – thermal imaging camera offers an affordable and accurate temperature measurement for a variety of applications where network capabilities and compliance with network protocols are of importance. The FLIR A615 15°thermal imaging camera comes with a 15° standard lens providing a 15°×11° field of view and 640×480 resolution.

The FLIR A615 15° – has built-in analysis, alarm functionality and independent communication technology over the standard network protocols. The FLIR A615 15°camera also has all the necessary features and functions to build distributed single or multi-camera solutions utilizing standard ethernet hardware and software protocols.

The FLIR A615 15° – thermal infrared camera also has built in support to connect to industrial control equipment such as PLCs, and allows for sharing of analysis and alarm results and simple control using the Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP field bus protocol.

FLIR A-Series infrared camera systems are affordable and accurate solutions for machine vision and automation systems that require non-contact temperature measurements.

  • Includes:
    • Infrared camera with lens
    • Calibration certificate
    • Cardboard box
    • Downloads brochure
    • Ethernet cable
    • FLIR apps card
    • FLIR Tools download card
    • Getting Started Guide
    • Important Information Guide
    • Mains cable
    • Optics brochure
    • Power cable, pig-tailed
    • Power supply
    • Printed documentation
    • USB cable
    • User documentation CD-ROM
    • Utility CD-ROM
Interface:GigE Vision
Resolution:640 x 480
Focal Length:6.5 mm
Angle of View:80° X 64°
M.O.D.:65 mm
Spectral Range:7.5 to 14.0 µm
Pixel Pitch (μm):17 X 17
L x W x H (mm):297 X 73 X 75
Weight G:1170
Connector Type:RJ45