Basler 2200000314

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Camera Mount Adapter

  • Tripod Mount
  • 1/4 inch screw Mount
  • for ace 2 GigE and USB3 cameras
  • 51 mm x 29 mm


Camera mount for Basler ace 2 GigE and USB3 cameras.

For mounting the Basler ace 2 camera on a tripod thread. TheĀ 51 mm x 29 mm plate fits all variants of the ace 2 camera models, both those with USB 3.0 and those with GigE interface. The plate is supplied with three screws for attachment to the camera. To make mounting the ace 2 camera easier, the tripod mount ace 2 also includes the M2 drilling scheme of the ace camera models. Screws for the M2 holes are not included.

Description:1/4-20" mounting plate for Ace 2 Series