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National Instruments Smart Cameras EVS CVS Linescan
NI Smart Cameras
National Instruments Smart Cameras are industrial, high-quality image sensors combined with powerful processors to create rugged, all-in-one solutions for machine vision applications. It uses high-quality CCD image sensors, and high-performance PowerPC processors. it has lighting control, industrial I/O, and dual gigabit Ethernet. It also includes Vision Builder AI.
The NI Embedded Vision System is a rugged controller that combines industrial camera connectivity and open communication with the high performance and flexibility of a multi-core PC. The NI EVS-1464RT is designed to process images in real-time from multiple IEEE 1394 or GigE Vision cameras, and is suitable for machine vision applications such as high-speed sorting, assembly verification, and packaging inspection.
NI CVS-145x Rugged Systems
The new National Instruments CVS-145x Compact Vision Systems extend the power of LabVIEW Real-Time to a new rugged machine vision package that withstands the harsh environments common in robotics, automated test, and industrial inspection systems.
Line scan
The Color Line Scan System combines a line scan camera and a translation stage with an optional filter wheel holding a customizable set of filters.
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