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Basler spL4096-70k

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Basler - spL4096-70k

  • Resolutions from 2k to 4k pixels
  • The highest speeds, even at 4k resolution, with line rates from 20kHz to 140kHz
  • Very high sensitivity and an increased signal-to-noise ratio
  • A small, rugged new housing design with a novel heat sink system
  • A unique automated sensor alignment system for the lowest tolerances
  • A Windows setup tool (the CCT+) that lets you configure your camera with ease
  • 100% quality checked and calibrated to give you consistent performance and reliability
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Part number Description MSRP Qty
spL4096-70k 4096 x 2 Rows, 4K, Medium/Full camera link configuration, monochrome, 8,10 or 12-bit, 70kHz, 4 tap $3902
2000009719 C-Mount Adapter, without IR Cut Filter $90
2000010247 C-Mount Adapter, with IR Cut Filter $195
1000024425 F-Mount (spL4096/spL2048 Only) $146
2000015984 Runner, Sprint, and Aviator GigE series tripod mount $28
50014 Camera Link Cable, 1m $110
50010 Cable, Camera link, 3m (replaces part# 2000000147) $125
50011 Cable, Camera link, 5m (replaces part# 2000000120) $155
50013 Cable, Camera link, 7m (replaces part# 2000000127) $195
50012 Cable, Camera link, 10m (replaces part# 2000000139) $205
2000031201 Power Supply, 12V DC/HRS 6-pin $50
779191-01 NI PCIe-1429, Full Configuration Camera Link Image Acquisition $2303
781169-01 NI PCIe-1433, Full Configuration Camera Link Image Acquisition $2070
763389-01 SMB-100, SMB to BNC Female cable, Trigger Cable for PCIe-1429 and PCIe-1430 $65
781699-01 NI PXIe-1435 Camera Link Frame Grabber(Base/Medium/Full/Extended) $2070
780869-01 NI Camera Link I/O Extension Board (PCIe) $330
779352-01 NI Camera Link I/O Extension Board (PCI) $344
778790-01 NI 1450, I/O Terminal Block, Horizonal Mount and Cable $249
778791-01 NI 1450, I/O Terminal Block, Vertical Mount and Cable $323

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