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Basler scA1390-17gc

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Basler - scA1390-17gc

The Basler scout family is based on a selection of the best Sony CCD sensors and offers a wide variety of resolutions and speeds. The family also includes a high-performance CMOS sensor from Micron. With their new Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and FireWire-b interface technologies, the cameras in this family are defined by state of the art technology that lets you get the maximum performance from each sensor. brochure
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Part number Description MSRP Qty
scA1390-17gc scA1390-17gc, 1/2in., C-Mount, 1392 x 1040, 17fps, color, CCD, GigE Vision $1979
scA1390-17gc-90 scA1390-17gc-90, 1/2in., C-Mount, 1392 x 1040, 17fps, color, CCD, GigE, Right Angle version $2119
2000030284 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 5m, SSTP (Shielded) $9
2000030285 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 10m, SSTP (Shielded) $16
2000030286 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 20m, SSTP (Shielded) $23
2000030288 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 50m, SSTP (Shielded) $114
2000031202 Power Supply, 12V, Hirose 12 pin, For GigE Models (old p/n 2000029618) $44
2000022907 Digital IO Cable, Hirose 12 pin, 3m $49
2000022909 Digital IO Cable, Hirose 12 pin, 10m $69
50029 Tripod Mount for Scout Series (replaces part# 2000023894) $40
2000024169 GigE I/O Y cable (required if using digital I/O cable) $151
778413-35 NI Vision Acquisition Software $423
50027 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Card, Intel Pro 1000 GT Desktop (replaces part# 2000023203) $90
02-3003B AVT Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (PCIe x1) Board, Intel Pro 1000 CT, 1-Port $80
02-3005A AVT Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (PCIe x4) Board, Intel Pro 1000 PT, Dual Port $260
779813-01 NI PCIe-8231, Gigabit Ethernet Board and NI Vision Acquisition SW $556
GE1000LA-E34 Sonnet Presto Gigabit Ethernet Pro ExpressCard/34 $109
*use C-mount lenses 1/2" or greater format

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