Manual Zoom Lenses

Pick your field-of-view

Manual zoom lenses are the right choice for flexible designs requiring occasional adjustability in the field of view. These lenses offer uncompromising performance, adjustable field-of-view and rugged construction to meet the stringent requirements for industrial applications. Need a recommendation for a lens? Use our convenient Lens Selector to pick a lens for your application.

Please select your desired lens format* (measurements given in mm)
 *consult your camera's data sheet for lens format information

1" or greater format

Optics for large format area and linescan cameras and focal lengths to 1000mm for use with all CCDs.

1" format lenses

Lenses for 1" format or smaller sensors, including 2/3", 1/2", 1/3" and 1/4" format cameras. 

2/3" format lenses

Optics for 2/3" format mega pixel cameras, including Basler,
Hamamatsu, Sony, Prosilica and more. 

1/2" format lenses

Lenses for the most common camera format, including Basler A600 and A300 series cameras.

1/3" format lenses

Optics for 1/3" format cameras, including Sony XCD-X710,
DFW-X710, DXC-9000, XC-EI30, XC-ST30.

1/4" format lenses

Lenses for security and other small format sensors.