Manual Zoom 2/3" or Greater Format Lenses

Manual Zoom Machine Vision Lenses

Optics for 2/3" format mega pixel cameras, including Basler, Hamamatsu, Sony, Prosilica and more.
Navitar - Zoom7000
Navitar - Zoom7000 A C-mount, 2/3" format, 18-108mm manual zoom lens for use with 2/3" and smaller format cameras.
Working distance 5" to infinity.
More Information - Zoom7000
Computar - M3Z1228C-MP
Computar - M3Z1228C-MP 12mm - 36mm manual zoom lens
Locking screws for zoom, focus and iris
Use 5mm extension tube to use with CS-Mount cameras.
More Information - M3Z1228C-MP

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Lens Terminology

Lens Selector

Computar M3Z1228C-MP 12-36 2.8 200 Y Y M35.5 P=0.5 Locking Screws
Computar TEC-V7X 48-106 4.3 182 Y Y M62 P=0.75 Locking Screws
Navitar DOZ-10X16 16-160 2 1500 Y Y M67 P=0.75 N/A
Navitar DOZ-1110 11-110 1.8 1300 Y Y M67 P=0.75 *Discontinued
Navitar Zoom7000 18-108 2.5 130 Y Y M52 P=0.75 Focus Lock
Navitar Zoom7000E 12.5-75 1.8 200 Y Y M49 P=0.75 N/A
Rainbow S6X11 11.5-69 1.4 300 Y Y M46 P=0.75 N/A
Thales-Optem 34-11-10 18-108 2.5 140 Y Y M52 P=0.75 Focus Lock