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MVO Telecentric Lenses

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Important tools for machine vision systems and metrology applications, telecentric lenses yield images from which precise measurements can be taken. These lenses yield constant magnification over a defined depth of field and are optimized to provide <0.2° telecentricity when used in the specified working distance range. Anywhere within the specified working distance, the same magnification can be obtained simply by refocusing. Because maximum field of view in telecentric systems directly relates to the lens aperture closest to the object, larger front lenses are necessary for larger fields of view. Both the aperture and focusing adjustment positions can be fixed by set screws to remain secure in high vibration environments. accessories
Using Telecentric Lenses


Selected Part number Description MSRP Qty
56948 MVO Telecentric Lens 0.08X Mag With Mount $4495
55348 MVO Telecentric Lens 0.125X Mag $2495
55349 MVO Telecentric Lens 0.25X Mag $1995
54798 MVO Telecentric Lens 0.5X Mag $1795
55350 MVO Telecentric Lens 1.0X Mag $1695


Mounting Clamp for 55348 (0.125X MAG)



Mounting Clamp for 55349 (0.25X MAG)



Mounting Clamp for 54798 (0.5X MAG)



Mounting Clamp for 55350 (1.0X MAG)


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