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MVO TML Telecentric Lenses

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TML™ lenses offer superior image quality and less distortion than conventional fixed focal length lenses. This design yields more symmetrical images that are superior for software-integrated measurements. In combination with the high quality optics is a simplified non-focusing mechanical design with adjustable iris control. Telecentric designs require larger objective lenses in order to maximize the size of the object viewed for each magnification, thus the mechanical housing has been streamlined to accommodate the larger optics and to provide a reasonable amount of mounting surface. accessories
Using Telecentric Lenses


Selected Part number Description MSRP Qty
56675 0.16X TML Telecentric Lens $995
63073 0.20X TML Telecentric Lens $995
56676 0.25X TML Telecentric Lens $950
58428 0.30X TML Telecentric Lens $995
56677 0.40X TML Telecentric Lens $950
63074 0.50X TML Telecentric Lens $850
56678 0.60X TML Telecentric Lens $950


TML Mounting Clamp, 1.75in. Centerline



TML Mounting Clamp, 2.25in. Centerline


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