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MVO TML-HP Telecentric Lenses

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TML™-HP (High Power) lenses offers a compact, cost-effective solution for replacing standard fixed focal length lenses. Telecentric lenses are ideal for both on-line and off-line production environments that require accurate measurements. Telecentric lenses correct perspective errors that yield variations in magnification through the depth of field. TML™ lenses offer superior image quality and less distortion than conventional fixed focal length lenses. This design yields more symmetrical images that are superior for software-integrated measurements. In-addition, the double-telecentric design of our 2X and 4X models gives the sharpest image with the lowest amount of errors for the most accurate measurements. In combination with the high quality optics is a simplified non-focusing mechanical design with adjustable iris control. accessories
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Selected Part number Description MSRP Qty
58430 MVO TML-HP 1.0X High Mag TML Lens $950
58431 MVO TML-HP 2.0X High Mag TML Lens $995
58432 MVO TML-HP 4.0X High Mag TML Lens $1195


TML Mounting Clamp, 1.75in. Centerline



TML Mounting Clamp, 2.25in. Centerline


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